Introducing Grand Ambition Years of research. Constant experimentation. Our revolutionary new collection
reimagines fashion and function for women. This is how we did it.
Drag to Rotate
Energy Return
The Grand Ambition Pump
Ideal Fit
Each shoe is contoured to the
natural shape of your foot,
providing exceptional support.
Responsive Cushioning
We created three layers of GRANDFØAM
for shock absorption, weight redistribution,
and 24/7 comfort.
Modern Craft
We wrapped precision
engineering inside luxurious
materials and elegant design.
Steady Traction
Platforms are designed with
multi-directional traction,
so you can walk with confidence.
Lightweight Construction
Components are carefully considered
to weigh less, from the platform to
the heel, so you can go further.
Energy Return
Cushioned soles provide rebound
with each step to propel you
forward all day long.
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